#asl2015 spotlight - 3D printing at Maynooth Library, taking us into the third dimension

MakerBot Replicator 2 - 3D-printer  via Flickr 

Hugh Murphy & Michael Leigh, Maynooth University Library 

Hugh Murphy and Michael Leigh promise to wrap up #asl2015 with a look to the future. 

Their case study 'Breaking the Third Dimension: Bringing 3d Printing to the Library' might just see us all rushing to book some time with Maynooth University Library's 3D printer. 

Hugh and Michael's case study will look at the emergence of the academic library as collaborative makerspace. While 3D printing might not be an entirely new concept, provision of 3D printing in Irish Academic Libraries is certainly a leap in a new direction.

This case study will outline the steps Maynooth University Library are taking into the third dimension, collaborating with academic departments to enhance library services with this exciting new addition.

Hugh and Michael will outline the rationale behind the move to 3D printing and the ongoing learning curve in the provision of the 3D printing service.

This promises to be a fascinating and insightful look at a new avenue for academic libraries and is sure to ignite lots of questions. ideas and maybe a little bit of envy!

You can see the 3D printer in action in this short video

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