#asl2015 Spotlight - Helen Fallon & the Ken Saro-Wiwa archive

Helen Fallon - Deputy Librarian Maynooth University

Helen Fallon's case study of Maynooth University and the Ken Saro-Wiwa Archive presents the prefect illustration of librarians working in collaboration with archivists, academics and others to make this unique and powerful collection accessible.

Helen is Deputy Librarian at Maynooth University and her past experience includes teaching librarianship in Sierra Leone and carrying out library consultancy work in Africa. When Maynooth University received the archive of the last writings of  Nigerian writer and social activist Ken Saro-Wiwa in 2011 Helen's experience afforded her the opportunity to work with University colleagues editing the letters and writings resulting in the publication of  'Silence would be treason: the last writings of Ken Saro-Wiwa'. The Ken Saro-Wiwa audio archive at Maynooth University was developed out of this collection and was launched in November 2013.

This case study presents a truly collaborative project with inter departmental, international and inter organisation collaboration and is a definitive example of how libraries are taking collections from the inside out. Helen will outline and share insights on the many partnerships involved in bringing the archive together and promoting it.  

This looks set to be a fascinating and inspiring exploration of new approaches to promoting library collections and working with others to amplify the reach of a valuable and important archive.  
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