#aslspotlight - Martin O Connor & Sir Henry's @UCC Library - get ready to rock

Martin O' Connor - Senior Library Assistant in Academic & Student Engagement,  Boole Library, UCC 
What do you get if you bring together a Librarian, a DJ, a Sociologist and the scattered memorabilia of thousands of sweaty nights in Cork's former premier music venue? This is the unique mix from which the Sir Henry's @UCC Library project was born.

Martin O' Connor's case study 'From crowd surfing to crowd sourcing - collaboration & Sir Henry's @UCC' will take us through the experience of conceptualising, crowdsourcing and curating the exhibition documenting the 26 year history of legendary Cork club Sir Henry's.            

The Sir Henry's project brings together all the themes of #ASL2015; collaborative working, the transformation of the library space and inspirational new directions for libraries.        

Expect some great stories, music and lots of nostagia... get ready to get your docs on and your rocks off, this one is going to be a real treat.  

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