#aslspotlight - Let's get workshopping!

Time for the flipcharts

After lunch on day two of a conference might be the time for the slump to set in but at #asl2015 we are making sure you avoid the afternoon adrenalin drop. 

Our Friday afternoon schedule will get the ideas flowing with three unique workshops examining different aspects of information provision. 

Jane Burns,  Research Manager at the Health Professions Education Centre at the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland and lecturer at UCD school of Information Studies will get us out on a scavenger hunt.
Jane's workshop demonstrates the use of the scavenger hunt as a tool for teaching collaborative working skills.   

Jessica Eustace Cook, SFI Research Support Officer Trinity College Dublin sets her sights on filling the empty cup. Jessica will share her tips and tricks to source and manage fundraising for events. 

Roy Murray,  Digital Marketing Executive with An Oige will show us how to find our social media brand voice in his workshop. Roy will ease our fears of the dreaded 'marketing speak' and show workshop attendees how development of a social media brand voice can be done in a few simple steps.  

With three diverse workshops on offer the problem won't be beating the afternoon energy crash but deciding which workshop to sign up for when you register ... we'll leave that dilemma to you.