#aslspotlight - Pecha whatcha?

'Pick & mix childrens sweets candy' by Shirley via Pixabay

Pecha Kucha, the bite sized presentation treat 

Extending the A&SL conference has enabled us to add some new presentation formats to the schedule. This year, to shake things up a bit we will offer Pecha Kucha presentations.

What the @*%$ is a Pecha Kucha you say?

The Pecha Kucha presentation format traditionally allows for 20 images or slides each timed for 20 seconds. The format aims to keep presenters focused on a fast paced and visual delivery of their topic.

Since we aren't sticklers for the rules at A&SL central command we're giving our Pecha Kucha presenters a nice round ten minutes rather than the rather messy 6 minutes 40 seconds.

So, if you are joining us on Thursday February 26th you'll be in for a bite size treat between 4.05 & 4.35.
We'll be spotlighting our three Pecha Kucha presenters on the A&SL Facebook and Twitter this week, so stay tuned or check them out HERE          

If you haven't booked your place at #asl2015 yet ...get booking HERE